New Hope Ecotech


The World Bank estimates that 1–2% of global population subsists by waste picking. Millions survive by collecting and selling solid waste. Most face poor working conditions, earn low and volatile income for the materials and are never paid for the services they provide to society. Manufacturers are in great need for recycling solutions in Brazil. Since 2014, a new policy requires them to recycle packages they have inserted in the market. What if we could connect manufacturers’ needs with waste pickers’ services? . New Hope Ecotech (NHE) aims to connect polluters with waste pickers via direct servicing and tradable environmental securities. By tracking the flow of materials in the recycling chain, NHE can issue recycling certificates. These securities/certificates (similar to Carbon Credits, but for recyclables) solve polluters’ regulatory obligations, increase recycling rates and generate additional stable income for informal waste pickers.