Touché - self-sufficient solar column


WE WERE DRIVEN BY A CLEAR VISION OF CREATING THE SELF-SUSTAINING PUBLIC LIGHTING OF TOMORROW, WITH INTEGRATED SOLAR CELLS, TECHNOLOGY AND AESTHETIC VALUES MAKING A UNIQUE DESIGN THAT ENRICH PUBLIC SPACE. The cost of public lighting for municipalities is growing due to rising energy costs and the increasing cost of maintenance and replacement. The Touché streetlight addresses this issue by providing a stand alone solution that is energy self-sufficent but also capable of producing surplus energy for the benefit of other energy consumers if connected to the grid. The integrated GPRS control unit allows mangagement of the individual lighting profile, tracking of: operation data, alarms, dimming, movement sensors, timer, wifi communication between columns and capacity performance The millions of lightpoles in the world consume many terawatt-hours of electricity annually. Replacing just one traditional lamp post of approx. 100 watt/h translates into 400 kWh of electricity saved annually.