Marte, The imagination is the limit.


Marte, union of the words in Spanish: mano and arte; the project is based on an abutment-type orthosis, which allows children with upper extremity agenesia of the transradial type or transverse congenital malformation of the forearm, to manipulate moldable masses, from the exchange of certain molding tools, with the main objective of optimize muscle rehabilitation therapies and avoid muscle trophism. The product is produced with the technology of 3d printing, allowing personalization according to dimensions and anthropometric qualities of the user. Includes 4 interchangeable tools made of aluminum; tutorial guide determined according to their level of complexity. "Marte" allowed the potentialization of the abilities of bilateral coordination, precision, regulation of strength and agility of superior members, likewise it was evidenced that the children improved their levels of concentration, attention and memory and started the process of solving small problems.