Nature is never static, even if it appears motionless. It is an amassed ecology of complex, moving parts, with consequences never ending. Interactions with these kinetic systems can be challenging, and even devastating, for humans’ more static civilizations. Is there a way to gather and augment the oceans’ data, into an accessible and visual translation? This is the goal of the CLEPSYDRA Project. With data received in real time it brings a visual display to a ubiquitous giant, and can assist in active policy making to quell the advancing tides. The resultant quanta of tide, swells, wind fetch, and waves, can be captured with coded probes set in a grid datum, sending their data wirelessly to our public squares where the haptic architecture resides. Utilized as a tool to implement change, this didactic device gives an augmented and translated voice to our environment, and can display real time water characteristics through a beautiful performance in the public’s view.