There are nearly 10 million people in India who get their basic income through street vending. A street vendor is a person who offers goods or services for sale to the public but through a temporary static structure or mobile stall, not a permanent structure. They could be stationary or occupying space on the pavements or other public/private areas, or could be mobile, and move from place to place carrying their wares on push carts or in cycles or baskets on their heads. The basic idea we are looking at is a business model below. The idea is to provide the basic cart to the vendors in either rental/subscription basis. The cart can also be bought by the vendor, if affordable. 4- 6 add ons are provided, they can also be rented out according to the individual's business. An app will be integrated with the system that helps the vendor manage their accounts, provide information on the new trends, know their rights etc. The design attached is the design of the basic cart.