Luui M


Our hearing helps us to orientate in our surroundings, because noises are everywhere. Often they overlap and disturb our listening comprehension. Luui is a device and accessory that anyone can wear in difficult listening situations, no matter if it is because of a hearing impairment or of a loud environment. It has an omnidirectional microphone, is connected to a hearing aid or headphones and controlled via an app on a smartphone. With filters like a frequency- and directionfilter it allows users to create their own individual listening profile and listen to what they want and how they like it. With further functions in the app, such as noise cancelling, hearing protection tips and exercises for the listening comprehension, users can treat their hearing. Luui M is open source, based on a Raspberry Pi, while hardware and software remain changeable. Due to the reproducibility and the relatively low costs also people from poor countries have access to a hearing aid.