Get Up Stand Up and Live: An Affordable 3D Printed Prosthetic Foot


The Livity Foot is a high performance passive prosthesis that integrates 3D printed metal, carbon fibre, nylon and elastic polymers, combined to provide flexibility, improved balance, stability and adaptability while walking on (un)even terrain, slopes, stairs and when walking backwards. Printed mechanical joints, tension and compression elements within the prosthesis are designed to mimic anatomical structures in order to modify user specific (pronation, ankle flexion, tibial rotation) responses and distribute loading during gait and gait transitions. The prosthesis can be re-configured to mirror limb alignment and fine tune amputee biomechanics. The design enables coupled - adaptive response to rough terrain during multiple activities. Printable covers and interchangeable soles allow aesthetic modification based on user preferences. The fun, advanced, durable and inexpensive prosthesis now being field tested, is a collaborative effort bridging Kingston, JA and Colorado US