Migration and asylum-seeking women: Analysis of the phenomenon, project experiments for the development of capabilities and social communication


The project started with an analysis phase, meant to understand the phenomenon and the causes and consequences of massive displacement of people. We focused on the physical and bureaucratic process that migrants have to undergo when they come to Italy identifying the major criticalities of the reception system. Seen the criticalities we focused on enhancing the skills of asylum seeker women, vulnerable but proactive and enterprising. Women have different needs from men: they are often less educated and they are often mothers who have to care for the family and face greater difficulties in joining the host society. It was opportune to focus on self-awareness and self-determination, essential elements for the inclusion of women within the social tissue. The design phase has given rise to two experiments of visual storytelling. The initiative had some beneficial effect: women who joined the workshops enjoyed themselves and women’s’ final work became a social communication campaign.