Shanth-stress reliever for pregnant women


Stress is one of the major factors contributing to mental and physical health complications in pregnant women.These complications may be fatal.Women in underprivileged communities who live in stressful conditions are the most affected. To ensure that all women have a positive birth experience, there is a need for an intervention to help relieve stress.Shanth is a stress reliever that a pregnant women or a new mother can carry around to stay relaxed and to destress. The device also helps them track their vitals and check the foetal heart rate and movement, thereby either assuring them that the mother and baby are healthy or suggesting that they go for a check up in case of any deviations from the normal.Detailed information tracked is sent to the doctor or health worker.To track the vitals the user turns and opens it up. One half that measures the mother’s vitals and the other the baby's vitals. It turns green/red to indicate if the values are within the normal/abnormal range.