Differentiated Mediation Service for divorced parents


Every year in Norway alone, more than 25.000 children go through the trauma of seeing their parents split up. For that reason, the Norwegian welfare system has invented a comprehensive Mediation service – guiding the parents to find a solution that meets the needs of the children. The purpose of mediation is to ensure that life in two homes will be so good as possible for the children. Since 2013, The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affair and EGGS Design have developed the service to meet the user needs. The service has been developed into a “Differentiated mediation”. An early diagnostic will allow the system to send each family towards the most appropriate out of two different tracks. One for parents with high conflict level, and one for parents with low conflict level. Regardless of the track, digital tools can tailor a process for each family, where the parents are guided through preparation, mediation and even adaptation to their new life situation.