Da Vita


DA' VITA is a smart, interactive ambient display aimed to create a sustainable change in the user's behavior in the shower. HOW DOES IT WORK? When the user enters to shower, the proximity sensor senses the presence of the user and turn on the display. When the user wastes water, flowmeter sends data about the flow rate to the product. DA VITA is designed for the users to see their own weekly average waste amount as a line on the display while using the shower. The average line helps the user to see even little changes in their behavior and motivate them. It gives audible and visual real-time feedbacks according to the user’s behavior. When the user leaves the shower, proximity sensor understands that the shower end. The data of total water waste is sent to the smartphone application through wifi to provide a concrete behavior pattern to the user. The application is designed to raise the user's awareness and create the relation between the behavior and its results in nature.