Rapid urbanisation has led to environmental risks and limited citizen participation. With vivihouse, we make it possible for everyone to contribute to the creation of ecological and appealing urban living spaces. vivihouse is a modular building system designed for inclusion: It is DIY-friendly for makers and open source for designers. Residents will enjoy healthy and energy-efficient spaces while future generations can keep the resources in circular ecosystems. So far, the timber construction can reach up to six floors and can be adapted to local conditions, tastes, materials, climate and modes of production. Flexibility is ensured as all components are demountable, transportable and reusable. In 2018, we started with a single-storey prototype. In October 2019, a three-storey building will be presented to a larger urban population. With vivihouse we enable everyone to create healthy and vibrant urban settlements for themselves and all of us. Do not hesitate and become a part of it.