Nidra – Well begun is half done!


Workspaces in today's time produce huge stress on its employees especially, in emergency services due to erratic schedules. These professionals put their work before their health due to the demanding nature of work. Such routine, when adopted for a longer period of time, leads to many health hazards that fail to detect the real culprit i.e., Sleep Deprivation. My project, Nidra (means sleep in Hindi) tinkers with the idea of externalising one’s emotion into a tangible form to bring something invisible to light. It's a portable radio that plays news based on the mood its owner wakes up with. It plays positive news on days when its owner wakes groggily to alleviate the mornings before office and on days, upon waking up in a good mood, it plays news from all the categories. Everyday's mood is logged and printed out at each month’s end to introspect about work-life balance and to make informed decisions. This enables Nidra to produce a short-term and a long-term impact on the office goers.