Spina Trak Robotic Spinal Decompression Device


Many people suffer disc herniation these days because of their work environment mostly. Many of them have a series of operations to heal but most of the time operation is not a real solution. Physical therapists use traction and mobilization for treating herniation. Also in case of progression of the disease, many doctors prefer surgery to treat herniation. We are producing a computer controlled robotic decompression device. There is a treatment method known as traction that physical therapists use. We make a robotically controlled device and create a chance for patients a painless treatment. Rather than our competitors that are used for decompression, Spina Trak has a multi-axis positioning in our device, that helps to focus decompression force directly to the herniated discs. Also, Spina Trak has pre-heated corsets, for preventing spasms at paravertebral muscles.