JIWI — Forest Generations


JIWI is fruit of Sep Verboom’s stay in the Peruvian Amazon, where the designer collaborated with local agents and Belgian NGO Bos+ on the theme of certified wood. Raising awareness is crucial concern, both in Peru and all around the world. The outcome is a range of sustainable objects for the Peruvian market, alongside a publication. The aim is to create involvement and understanding by making the issue more transparent and accessible. 80% of the harvested Peruvian wood is for local consume, making it a challenge to design for the local market.We investigated the vital information to define an objects impact, four informative categories defined as ingredients: WHERE? WHAT? HOW? WHO? The result is a collection of objects designed on and for the local market. Each object implements one of the “ingredients” to visualize and communicate the values of certified wood. Allowing our target groups to get in touch with the background and impact of the object in a playful and subtle way.