Matru Raksha


Matru Raksha is a system for the rural population which is designed to provide adequate health to pregnant mothers.The elderly women of the area use the kiosk to contact us for registering a mother with us. We send a team member, along with a doctor to the area. The pregnant woman who is registering with us is given a profile on the kiosk, which she can access .With the doctor’s assessment, we draw up a chart of her present health and what she needs to achieve for a healthy and safe pregnancy. After understanding the mother’s normal food habits and any other special requirements, we draft a diet plan. All these details are uploaded into the mother’s profile in the kiosk, which can be accessed by us on the other end.On the other hand, we assess the region the mother comes from,to understand the types of food suitable for such climatic conditions as well as easily available produce. The local farmers are contacted for buying fresh produce to be packaged and supplied to the mother.