Aia Nuova: project of systemic rehabilitation of a farm located in Salento


The project aims for the requalification of a disused building and surrounding land, with a systemic proposal that can fit within the flow of local materials, responding to needs and trying to enhance the discarded materials in the system. The marcs are reused to produce Grappa: this creates relationships with local wineries, bringing innovative know-how to the territory. The production outputs will be reused to produce oil and grape-seed pellets or will be reused thanks to the collaboration with local companies. Malting barley will be cultivated in the fields, establishing a collaboration with the local artisan breweries and providing raw material to produce km0 beer. A part of the land will be dedicated to the cultivation of typical fruit plants for the restoration of the ecosystem and the resumption of traditional productions. The company wants to be a cultural pole of attraction for the community, through the organization of factory visits, events and educational activities.