If we could Redesign something then what would it be? Materials are all around us,but we give a very little thought to their impact on our daily lives;where they come from,how they are designed into our products,and what happens after we're finished using them. In my research project, I've used microbes, agricultural waste(potato peel,banana peel,corn,agar,orange peel) and sea food waste (exoskeleton of sea creatures) to produce ecologically sensitive materials that cause zero damage to the environment.These bio materials are produced by completely natural processes,they degrade faster in the environment and emit low rates of greenhouse gases.A range of products can be made using these materials. It can be used in packaging industry replacing petroleum based plastic,fashion industry, footwear industry and for making furniture's. This is just the start of a journey to reduce the damage caused by the throwaway culture and super fast fashion industry by designing for, with and by nature