The essence of the project is to prove the benefits of using recycled materials. All Plasticdoom items are made of simple plastic bags that daily appear in each home of the world. Almost single-used and incredibly long-lived, a plastic bag is the main polluter on the planet. By foiling bags together Plasticdoom makes the variety of things begins with small accessories such as bags, purse, plant pots, umbrellas, goes through the interior objects and outwear clothes. By mixing the functionality in object’s design and the strange beauty of the recycled material (chaotic patterns and colour palettes, overlay of prints, the use of local cultures and languages), the project succeed in catching the interested glances of the public and argued that the processed waste is an alternative material for the future. Plasticdoom provides lectures and workshops for kids and adult to spread the idea of reusing plastic waste and to show how easy we all can start thinking about waste differently.