Puerta de Hierro. Mental Health Facility for adolescents


According to the WHO, 1/6 people with mental health issues are aged 10-19. These adolescents are particullary vulnerable to social exclusion, discrimination and stigma, and the role of the family, peers or the community can exarcebate isolation and loneliness. This mental health facility is based on the psychosocial rehabilitation model. This project aims to propose a collaborative space for the adolescents' rehabilitation, in order to create a community that prevent the negative effects of loneliness, help in the rehabilitation process and to develope skills and manage their own disability. The design is based on 6 pillars in order to make the patients' life in this facility easier according to their mental pathologies: the appropriation of the space, the natural lighting, the access to nature, the avoid of repetition and visual alterations, the physical activity and the common life.