kombucha · Applied Research Program


thr34d5 medialab is launching its first Applied Research Program as a way to foster local communities with open source knowledge. We are mobilizing a peculiar media: bacterial cellulose produced by kombucha (G. xylinus). Kombucha is being extensively used in biohacking projects that are developing creative uses, while critically lacking fundings to investigate the phenotypical expression of G. xylinus, or the methodology to scale-up and document their investigations. As resiliency of territories is lying for a part in their capacity to develop local ecosystems, we are proposing sustainable technical objects to trigger it. thr34d5 is mobilizing a network of experts, artists, and industrials within the program throughout Europe and the world in order to form a POC for a resilient business model for sustainability oriented open initiatives. The key components of our mission are: to work in a distributed network, in open source (the new oral traditions), contextualized at the local levels.