The Pasta Haters


At The Pasta Haters, we believe in many things, in sustainable consumption, in healthier lifestyles, and above all, empowerment. We as consumers have changed our shopping habits, we became conscious about our time but also about the things that we buy and where we buy them from. The Pasta Haters doesn’t mean that we hate pasta. It means that we are becoming brave enough to do thing our ways. We stop following trends and start listening to our own wishes. E-commerce companies & mobile apps have changed our customer experience. On their way, many independent retailers fell behind. A lack of resources or knowledge in innovation has defined their future. However, the will to do better has always been there. Over the past years, we’ve met with some of the most passionate shop owners and decided to provide them with a solution that will allow them to 1. dream bigger and 2. stand alone against big giants.