Start by choosing a campaign you like, each campaign is a bit different in terms of impact, location, size and risk. You decide how much to invest from €25 minimum to whatever is left to fully fund the campaign. Your money will be transferred into an E-Wallet, where it will be held until the campaign becomes fully funded. This wallet is managed by our payment provider, Lemonway. Once a campaign is fully funded your investment becomes part of a loan to our Solar Partner. If the campaign is not fully funded your money stays in your E-Wallet for you to withdraw or reinvest. The solar products are sold and distributed by our Solar Partner. Customers have access to clean and affordable energy, up to 50% cheaper than current energy sources. They pay the Solar Partner for their electricity in continual micro-payments. If the Solar Partner manages to repay the loan you will receive your investment and interest in return, corresponding to how much you invested.