Carbo Culture


Soil supports all the life on on earth. New topsoil can take a thousand years to form. Biochar helps the soil in bringing new surface area, organic matter and structure to the soil. It will hold nutrients and water in place. A gram of our biochar has the surface area of over 250 square feet! This is highly beneficial for the “micro biome” of the soil: those billions of bacteria and other living organisms. Biochar enhances soil fertility by retaining nutrients, water and providing a growth platform for good microbes. We focus entirely on making an excellent, pure biochar (~85% fixed Carbon content). We don’t sell anything else. We don’t use additives or chemical treatment aka no bad things. Our customers are campuses, cities, urban areas and farms. Not just because we make the soils healthier in the long term - but especially because biochar helps the plants be more resilient to environmental stressors.