Dried house crickets contain even up to 70% protein and they're also high in calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Crickets also contain all the amino acids that are essential for humans. Also, insects, in general, have got a better impact on the environment. They produce incomparably smaller amounts of greenhouse gases, use exponentially less water and feed resources than livestock production, as well as space when raising them. BUGBITES® is an insect and vegetable protein-based snack. Whether it is eaten directly from a pack or incorporated into your dishes, it helps you to achieve the daily nutritional goals you have while tasting b*gging delicious! Sirkkis® is a tasty protein product containing vegetable proteins and cricket powder. The product is especially high in protein and iron. These melt-in-the-mouth delicious chocolate crickets are a one of a kind creation that emerged from the joint efforts of Entis and chocolate manufacturer Kultasuklaa.