Enormous develops and produces food with insects - a sustainable source of animal protein. It must be easy and delicious to get a bit of the future and share the good story with friends. They taste good, are healthy, and then they are environmentally and climate friendly to breed. Insects taste different, depending on the species. The taste varies from a mild and distressed to heavy umami. Taste, all well-known in the western world food culture. Insects have a high protein content and contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins such as B12. 1 kg of protein from insects requires only one-tenth of the feed to produce compared to breeding cattle. At the same time, the water consumption is 1500 times less. Production of 1 kg protein from insects emits up to 100 times less greenhouse gases than cattle rearing. There may be gases such as CO2 and methane gas.