Nimavert is the fruit of an animated conversation between business managers Nico Coen and Maarten Debie during a barbecue in the summer of 2010. We wondered why so many insects are consumed worldwide, while it seems that the market in Western Europe is not yet is ready for it. Some research and a lot of brainstorming sessions later we decided to roll up our sleeves and grow different types of insects in our own garage and basement. The result? Trial and error for six years. Until the end of 2016, we decided not to grow insects ourselves, but to process these in food products. We decided to work with mealworms for the time being. At that time we also did research there. Curious about how products on the basis of mealworms taste? Do you also think that insects deserve a place in our food habits? We think so too! We develop and commercialize, among other things, croquettes and ravioli on the basis of mealworm powder. And that is not only tasty, but also very healthy!