In our small garage brewery it all started. As scientist we are, we were drying and sterilizing hop with a self-made radio frequency machine. If suddenly a beetle flies in the process, it came out as dry as powder. We had now a miracle of science. This pile of powder was given to a team of professors and experts were all nutritional facts were examined. It was found as a bomb of proteins and vitamins. This was a perfect mix to brew a beer with. The beetles DNA was found and a great beer came alive. It’s not a new taste of beer you drink, it’s a new style of thinking. These small bomb’s of proteins and vitamins will play an important role in the food chain. It’s not this beer that will give a better world, it’s the mindset behind it, that will live tomorrow. Rich in taste! Light sweet, a little bitter with seductive hopped flavors gives the perfect balance in Beetles. Its relative modest alcohol content helps the taste, stimulate the senses.