The Wurmfarm is a Carinthian farm that has set itself the task of biologically and environmentally friendly to grow meal worms and zophobas in food quality and to further process protein meal. The breeding plant is located at 1000 meters altitude in the Carinthian Lavanttal amidst meadows and forests. The story of the emergence of the worm farm starts in 2016 with a shared passion for edible insects. Due to the many positive aspects of the insects as food and in the production the basic idea of ??a breed was born fast. The first concrete steps were taken at the beginning of 2017 and the project rapidly developed into a real contract. The first small experiments were carried out and showed first results. The breed grew fast and various cooking classes and seminars directed the project in the right direction. The goal of producing protein meal from mealworms as an approved food is getting closer and closer.