The Preserve Journal


Today, we see a paradox where we on one side, as humans, relate to and engage with food every single day- but at the same time, we have never connected with and understood our food less than we do today. We see a food industry, food-systems and a food culture which have become obscure and very difficult to engage with. The links between soil, producers, produce and consumers have become blurred and obscured by industrialized processes and commercial interests. It can therefore seem impossible to imagine and relate to what a sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture actually is- and most importantly, how one as a consumer can interact with it and thereby contribute to positive change. With The Preserve Journal we wish to highlight all those blurred links stretching all the way from soil to our plates. By doing so we hope to support the explorations of the many different ways of which we can interact with our food and the potential we have to impact change