Veltra is a start-up that builds city bikes with frame and accessories made of bamboo, that are unique, lightweight and more comfortable than a conventional bike. This bike is 100% handmade, designed and produced in our Romanian workshop. It's a laborious process which takes time and attention to details. As a consequence over the past couple of years we worked hard to improve our production process (building a bike now takes hours rather than days) because we wanted to bring more to people, we wanted to streamline our production process, aiming to mass produce the bike. As a consequence last year (Otc 2018) we launched the first laminated bamboo bike ever created. We are proud to say that our hard work paid off as Veltra reached some important milestones and validations throughout its existence: we are the winners of Transport Innovation Challenge 2017, Country Finalist Winner for Power Up competition and currently in top 15 startups which promotes clean-tech in Europe.