In the trade we find shin guards made of plastics. There is still no groundbreaking effect that would correspond to contemporary environmental awareness. Our shin guards consist of two differently dense cork slabs, which are shaped by steaming, and then sewn together with cotton threads. With a weight of 40 g, they are real lightweights, additional, adhesive and plastic-free. The sturdy construction absorbs impact, the material offers pleasant & haptic wearing conformity. Cork is a breathable natural raw material, with sweat and odor-neutral properties. It is tough, recyclable (i.e.from cork to cork closure). At regular intervals - the cork is harvested in the main growing area of Portugal. Papanek understood design not only as a design of products. Design is a political instrument for us. Our shin guard is supposed to change our thinking and everyday life sustainably. The target-group is not necessarily eco-driven, but they set a clear example for the contemporary use of resources.