With increasing industrialization and the effects of climate change, air quality is becoming a vitally important global issue. Molekule’s patented technology works at the molecular level to eliminate indoor air pollution. With a combination of nanotechnology, light and boundless determination we have developed a revolutionary new approach of eliminating indoor air pollution. Welcome to a whole new air purification experience—unobtrusive, portable, and 100% effective. From the inside out, Molekule has reimagined what clean air ought to look and feel like. Molekule comes with two filters: A Pre-Filter and a PECO-Filter. The Pre-Filter captures larger particles like dust and pet hair and slows down VOCs on their way to the PECO-Filter. The PECO-Filter is coated with our proprietary catalyst that breaks down VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.