We often face problems with ventilation of apartments and premises. Not proper ventilation can harm health: insomnia, frequent dizziness, headaches. Leaving the apartment, we open the Windows, but accidentally started a rain through an open window can lead to unpleasant consequences. The window I came up with will solve all these problems. The window for smart home has two sensors: rain sensor and oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor monitors the temperature and oxygen level in the apartment and shows the level of humidity and temperature. Depending on the level on the indicator, the window opens gradually. The oxygen sensor is installed on the inside of the window and the rain sensor is installed on the outside. The rain sensor monitors the humidity outside the window. If it rains, thunderstorms or strong gusts of wind, and the room is stuffy, the window does not open. The window moves up and down due to the roller guides, and stops at the desired level due to the pins, which are put forward.