“iThrone” is a portable, evaporative toilet for “off-line” homes (with no power or plumbing) that eliminates >95% of daily household sewage onsite. This toilet leapfrogs beyond sewerage infrastructure, extending safe, hygienic sanitation into non-sewered communities at low-cost. Our core innovation, basically a “shrink wrap for crap”, is a break-through polymer membrane that aggressively evaporates liquid sewage without the need for power or heat. Our toilet uses a collection pouch of this material to rapidly evaporate (or “flush” away) liquid sewage. The pouch rapidly shrinks daily sewage output down to <5% of its original volume, releasing only clean water vapor, leaving behind only a few grams of dried solids. Our evaporative “flush” eliminates the need for a tank, power, plumbing, pumps or supporting peripherals.