New York studio Visibility has created a refillable deodorant system for Myro, which uses 50 per cent less plastic than a regular disposable deodorant. Designed for newly-launched plant-based deodorant brand Myro, the system consists of a permanent injection moulded deodorant case that the user keeps, and recyclable refill pods that plug into it. The plastic case has a simple design that's easy to use and is durable and dishwasher safe. Its tactile multifaceted shape is designed to provide a sturdy grip in the hand and also prevents the deodorant from rolling away when it's knocked over. The fully recyclable replacement deodorant pods twist into the case by turning a dial. Each click of the dial allows more deodorant to be dispensed, while the deodorant itself is natural and aluminium free. When empty, the refillable case pops out automatically.