Smarterware is made up of SmartTags & accessories that fit together so you can tag just about anything. Containers for storing leftovers, Clips for closing bags and a Universal Connect that can be put onto everything from cardboard to glass. With Smarterware, you can tag the foods you love (or often lose track of) so you remember to eat them. The smart tupperware includes smartTags which attach to foodstuffs and identify those which are nearly past their use by date. a third-party app then suggests recipes to make from near-expired items. When you press the button on a smartTag, that tag connects to a hub and registers with ovie’s cloud. Ovie then pulls how long your food should last from our database and sends that information back to the smartTag you pressed, starting the countdown. When half the duration has passed, the cloud tells the smartTag to change its color to yellow and sends a notification to your phone.