In Chile and Latin America induced abortion is illegal, which leads our women to carry out these practices in complete abandonment, where many even lose their lives in a hospital, being violated and mistreated. In Chile there are more than 40,000 induced abortions a year but talking about it still seems offensive and condemnable. our xx kit seeks to offer a loving company where they will live the process safely and successfully, where the main focus is their physical and mental well-being, with small tools such as a roll-on massager with aromatherapy that reduces pain and improves blood flow , disposable underwear and step-by-step care guides during and after abortion for the woman and her companion, and finally a symbolic chain. The woman was born to be happy, with whom she wants, at the time she chooses and under the circumstances she decides. our kit seeks to protect your physical and emotional integrity for strong and alive women in the future.