New Edge


The islands of south pacific are identified to be the most vulnerable and the context was well deciphered. The forces of wind and water were then identified as the driving agents for design. The land is the basic resource and water, the fuel for survival encompasses a larger ecological loop. The conversation between these two thus becomes the crux. Hence it's not about LAND or WATER, but THE GAP. Thus, the design was strategized as three levels. The LAND was strengthened and recovered through SAND HARVEST. The threats from WATER were turned as the new opportunities through CORAL PLANTATION. The GAP was refined with GROYNES making the LAND grow with WATER. The diverse forces were thus envisioned to synthesize an interdependent-bond that brings social, ecological and economic resilience to the context. THE SOCIETY and its SURVIVAL WITH TIME were the prime concerns in developing this system of sustainability. The design is not about filling the gap but fixing it