Hannes – prosthetic hand


Hannes is a prosthetic hand developed by INAIL and the Italian Institute of Technology. Anthropometry, gestures and proportions of the real hand have guided the design from the aesthetics to the mechanical and structural features, allowing the user to perceive it not like an external instrument but rather as an integral part of the body. An iterative design process has allowed to integrate the components in the desired shape, ensuring an optimal appearance for both sizes. Hannes is able to adapt to the object's form and to any kind of external stresses. The A.I. algorithms behind the control system allow users to control the hand just thinking of the movement they would do with their own limb. Hannes tester summarized his life improvement: Since I use this hand, my way of thinking has changed. With other myoelectric prothesis I used to give priority to the left hand. Now I changed my behavior and I can really share tasks between left and right hand, as if I had two natural hands!