Lego Lunch is a Fast Food/Restaurant built by using recycled shipping containers (20 ? container, the most current), in Siauliai, Lithuania. Conceive as modular and replicable structure, each module is independent and can be easily reproduced. Lego Lunch is designed with the intend to produce a good environment for people who want to eat or to take their daily meals during relax hours on the workday. By this opportunity to gather people, the aim is also to create a communal place in Siauliai. Lego Lunch is serviceable, marketable, economical sustainable, ecological and sustainable. The project creates a comfortable landmark for Siauliai community during the year. It also gives an interesting panoramic view on its neighbouring. The ?nal aim is to make an attractive area for customers and workers, by producing well-being. Final Aesthetic is a mixture between warm, neutral and cold material, respectively, wood, glass and metal.