The Forgotten | Dead Or Alive is a research proposal that has been revealed the shortlist for the inaugural Water Research Prize at the World Architecture Festival 2018. This project has been started in order to help disadvantaged and isolated communities in Africa. In February 2018 an international conference on Lake Chad was held in Abuja. If nothing is done, it will belong to the past. This ecosystem has been evaluated as one of the best cultivable area in the world at the beginning the century. The catastrophe directly affects more than 9 million persons and 30 million indirectly in this region. From 2 million km2 In 50,000 B.C., to 25,000 km2 in 1963; or 4,000 km2 in 2001, it will become a drying desert. Regeneration will consist of a Limnology and a Desalination Centre. The Limnology Centre will be a self-sufficient with the mission to study the lake and its surroundings. At the same time, the Desalination Centre with its Pipelines will connect the Atlantic Ocean and Lake.