Spotted by Jana Rudnik

A team led by US architect David Hertz has developed an energy-efficient technology for harvesting fresh drinking water from the air, which is contained within a shipping container for easy transport. The WEDEW system, can generate 2,000 litres of water per day by combining cold and hot air to create condensation, in a manner that replicates the way clouds are formed. Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) can be used to help areas where water scarcity or quality are a problem. However, existing technologies have come with a high carbon footprint. Skysource/Skywater Alliance's winning entry, WEDEW (it stands for wood-to-energy deployed emergency water), not only has its own 100 per cent renewable energy source, it is carbon-negative— meaning it generates extra energy that can be used by the local community. The WEDEW units are said to work in any climate.