Spotted by Jana Rudnik

The public shuttle bus Gacha, designed by Muji in collaboration with Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4, is set to hit the roads in three Finnish cities by 2019/20. It is the first autonomous bus in the world that is suited to all types of weather. "Weather plays a critical role in opening the market for autonomous buses or robo-taxis," said the brand. "Currently heavy rain, fog, and snow prevent autonomous vehicles from driving, as the existing technologies are mostly being tested and developed in warm climate conditions." Gacha's technology was tested in arctic conditions, ensuring the vehicle is safe to run without a driver, come rain or shine, even in Finland's harsh winter conditions. While Sensible 4 developed the algorithms, artificial intelligence and sensory obstacle detection needed to refine the self-driving technology, Muji provided the design aesthetic, wanting the shuttle bus to look "friendly" and inviting.