Spotted by Jana Rudnik

From Geneva to Harlem, millions of artworks by Modern masters and contemporary stars alike are stored in freeports, hidden from the public eye. Collecteurs aims to change that. The digital museum of-sorts is a Public Benefit Corporation and currently hosts a curated ecosystem of collectors who have, invariably, agreed to share their holdings and to stir discussions around them online. With over 250,000 followers on Instagram, a budding editorial service, and new features on the horizon, Collecteurs is quite a compelling digital space. By gathering works from art collectors onto its nimble platform, the team is creating opportunities for participants to showcase, archive, and discuss them. "We’ve found that there are two different types of collectors: one that buys purely for investment, and the other who truly understands the value of art within society and see it as their duty to be custodians of these works for future generations."