Edible single-use tableware made of wheat bran


Biotrem’s disposable products, made from wheat bran, are an excellent alternative to most disposable tableware, i.e. made from paper or plastic, the production and utilization of which is burdensome to the environment. Our production process require just a drop of water per plate, doesnt use chemical compounds and any other nonsense. From 1 ton of pure, edible wheat bran we can produce up to 10,000 units of plates or bowls just by using drop of water and high pressure machines. We did implement circular economy business model, since we only use wheat bran as a byproduct of milling process. The production processes is so clean itself that it doesn't produce any waste. What’s more important, our products are fully biodegradable – through composting – in just 30 days! And they are so natural that they're edible. Compostable disposables are great alternative in festivals or any other major event with no risk of environment pollution due to 30 biodegradability.