Embassy of Food


One of the big exhibitions at Dutch Design Week is an "embassy" exploring the future of food, in the face of depleting resources. Here are 10 suggestions for what we might consume in years to come, from saltwater carrots to insect sausages. The Embassy of Food is on show at Ketelhuisplein, one of the main exhibition sites at Dutch Design Week, which runs from 21 to 29 October in Eindhoven. Curated by Marije Vogelzang, a designer who leads the food design department at Design Academy Eindhoven, the exhibition offers an insight into how food will be grown, processed, transport, and eaten in the future, and how farming systems could change as a result of food scarcity and new technologies. The theme coincides with Good Design for a Bad World, a Dezeen initiative looking at whether design can provides solutions to the world's biggest problems – which was also presented at Dutch Design Week, in a series of panel debates.