LifeBank is a smart blood system saving lives in Lagos by speeding up blood donations and deliveries to hospitals. LifeBank has 40 blood banks and 300 hospitals on its platform. It sorts orders based on urgency, location and price and preserves blood in a cold chain system that keeps it at 10C. Three dispatch riders move blood in boxes that are padlocked and can only be opened by the recipient using a Bluetooth connection or key. So far, LifeBank has moved nearly 7,000 pints from blood banks to hospitals, and it is working to create hubs across the country. LifeBank also runs blood drives and connects would-be donors to blood banks. Nigeria has a problem with voluntary blood donation: Only 10 percent of collected plasma comes from voluntary donors, widely considered the safest category, with the majority coming from paid donors. LifeBank has so far collected around 200 pints of blood in addition to that collected by the One Percent Project.