H1 Hand Rehab System


H1 Hand Rehab System is for stroke patients to do hand muscle exercises at home. EMG Triggered Electrical Stimulation (ETS) is a mature technology in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. However, in most cases, patients have to go to the hospitals or rehabilitation center to receive the treatment, which is of high cost and time-consuming. H1 Hand Rehab System combines the ETS technology and simple wearable design. H1 adopts integrated stainless-steel electrodes. Patients can receive treatment and practice at home. H1 is designed to increase hand function, hand range of motion and blood circulation as well as reduce muscle spasms, retard muscle atrophy, and reeducate muscles. H1 detects and analyzes the patient’s sEMG signals in real time through the integrated electrode, and then simultaneously delivers low frequency electrical stimulation according to the sEMG signal, evoking muscle contraction and enabling patients to do active motor function training.