HALIO, smart-tinting glass system


Natural light is essential to our wellness. It provides an array of benefits, from productivity to better sleep. At Halio™, our goal is to give people the ability to let the maximum amount of natural light into their work & living spaces while blocking unwanted heat, reducing glare, and protecting their valued possessions from sun damage. A complete natural light management system, responsive & intelligent, Halio connects glass windows to a cloud to adapt to the user’s preference history & weather conditions. A beautiful architectural element, cancelling the need for solar shadings. Halio has a neutral clear state, tinting in less than 3 minutes to its darkest shade while keeping the outdoor connection. The transition can be interrupted at any stage & the system is controlled via voice commands, app or keypad. This is compelling for both interior rooms where privacy is needed & exterior applications (facades and skylights), reducing HVAC loads and the dependence on internal lighting.